Ongoing Strategic Planning

Ongoing Strategic Planning Projects

30 plus acres mixed use residential, commercial and retail.

40 plus acres  of mixed use residential, commercial.

20 plus acres of residential units and community facilities.

10 plus acres of mixed use development.

2 acres of residential units now allocated in Town Plan.

30 plus acres residential units on an accumulation of land belonging to 5 different owners including ourselves.

500 plus acres of residential units, new schools and community facilities.

Town Centre mixed use residential and employment related scheme over an accumulation of land belonging to 3 different owners including ourselves.

5 acres retirement bungalows.

Together with many new schemes currently being negotiated with land owners.

Currently over 5,000 dwellings and 500,000 sq ft of commercial space being promoted for planning consent

“We tried for many years to get our neighbours to combine their land with ours to create a development opportunity. Land Logic convinced everyone to enter into an LPA and then purchased the last remaining property.  We are delighted with Land Logic". Peter H.