Strategic Land Promoters


Land Logic Ltd are privately funded strategic land promoters, investors, developers, advisors and facilitators. Land Logic manage all aspects of adding value to a site via the planning process resulting in the ultimate sale of the site either on their own behalf or speculatively on behalf of their property or land owning clients.


Land Logic are experienced in dealing with complex multi ownership issues, restrictive covenants, highways access, boundary disputes, rights of light, accumulating surrounding plots for joint ventures, negotiations with local authorities and neighbours, coordination of consultants and building professionals. Last but not least, they protect the site owners best interests from house builders or developers whose best interests are to obtain ready to develop building sites at the lowest possible price.


In some circumstances Land Logic or their partners will step in via a first charge over the site to fund the land owner’s existing borrowings with private monies to relieve hardship until the added planning value is in place and the development site is sold.


If you own a site with development potential or act for someone who does, why not see if Land Logic can join the dots at no cost whatsoever other than from the value that it adds. No one solution fits every development opportunity and Land Logic will tailor a bespoke solution to fit individual circumstances, please contact us for an initial conversation.


Currently over 5,000 dwellings and 500,000 sq ft of commercial space being promoted for planning consent

“We use Land Logic to assess development opportunities owned by our high nett worth clients, they invariably add value by their creativity.”


Michael G.