The Process

The Process

Land Logic Ltd  speculatively fund the planning process (most often for six figure sums) from their own resources.  In the unlikely event that a planning consent is not forthcoming, it costs the site owner nothing.  The site owner pays a percentage of the increase in value and Land Logic’s external costs come only from the receipts of the sale.

Land Logic (on a very tight leash) appoints, coordinates and controls a team of experienced consultants all of whom are necessary to provide the planning authority with the plethora of reports and details required for a positive decision to be forthcoming.

No project is too large or too small.  With land and property values at an all time high and with no likelihood of dramatic falls, every angle should be explored in adding value through the planning process to a site prior to disposal.  Consider this, is it in your best interests to place your trust in an agent or a housebuilder developer whose interests are misaligned with yours? Unless you have an impartial and speculative land promoter in your corner with whom both your interests are alligned, it will never be possible to realise the true value of your property or land.  Why give it away?

Often a land title may contain restrictive covenants or there may be access or ownership difficulties to overcome.  Land Logic are very experienced in all of these aspects and have legal drafting resources in house and regular contact with direct access barristers who specialise in property law.

Land Logic is a professional and tenacious operation that consistently delivers the best possible land value for its clients, more so than by any other (usually conflicted) method.   

Land Logic have been around the block, they are straight talking and arrive quickly to the point.  Their loyalty is to their clients best interests and their own best interests follow on accordingly.  Land Logic are unusual in that the breadth and scope of their experience and knowledge gets results where others may flounder. As an example; almost all of the property experts and consultants in the process can be likened to musicians.  They can usually play their instrument proficiently, however, it takes a conductor to make music and Land Logic is that conductor.

Currently over 5,000 dwellings and 500,000 sq ft of commercial space being promoted for planning consent

“Land Logic negotiated away a blight on the title to my property which enabled them to gain a planning consent and allowed me to sell up and retire comfortably”.

George K.